Monday, August 26, 2019

Becoming Beautiful You,

     Lets start by defining what does Becoming mean? I'll give you a short definition from Websters dictionary. Becoming means the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state. When I use the word Becoming, it immediately takes me to the process of transformation. So Becoming Beautiful You, is a process of being healed on the inside or being healed emotionally.

I love to inspire single moms in Becoming Beautiful You. The goal for me is to encourage single mothers that they can be Successful as a single mom. What do I mean by "Successful"? I am speaking of a success that comes from within. For me, I had to define success as a mother as being someone who has no problem sacrificing for her child, who values the quality time of not just talking but listening as well. The list does go on, I just wanted to paint that picture for you.

     So how does Becoming Beautiful You relate to single mothers? It is extremely important that single mothers know they are valued and they don't have to feel alone in their challenges and adversities.  My network, Successful Single Mothers was established to encourage mothers through sharing 7  foundation keys to raising children in a healthy loving environment and to help mothers to heal within through faith-based lessons I have learned on my journey as well as biblical principles.

     The first foundation key is Prayer. My prayer time was the glue that held my home together. Can you picture living in a house made of sticks? Just the thought of wind can destroy your home. So if prayer was the glue, just imagine how strong that glue had to be in order to keep a house made of sticks together through some of the most hellish wind storms. That's how vital prayer was for me and how strongly I believed in God. Prayer not only defined my life as a mother, but it has literally become my lifeline.

Prayer Strategy

1.Divine Protection- Every morning before I left the house, I read Psalms 91. It was very important for me to cover my child in prayer and ask God to protect her throughout the day. I would also ask God to cover my daughter in the classroom, give her understanding of the schoolwork and help her with what she struggles with academically and socially. Now that my daughter is 20 years old, I still pray that Psalm over her.

2. Wisdom and Favor - It's not to soon to ask God to give your child the wisdom of God.  We as parents cannot be with our children 24/7, they are in need of wisdom to help them make good decisions that will facilitate their day. The decision could be, what to say to the teacher? how to handle a conflict with a friend? or how to handle peer pressure. Asking for Favor for your children, I believe opens the door for a less complicated day, even a day filled with blessings. Proverbs 4:7 is a great scripture to meditate on.

     The prayer life you develop with your children will open doors for God to propel and prosper you as a Successful Single Mother but it will also position your children for Success!

     So mom's I want you to own your beautiful, love who you are as a mom and appreciate the blessing and gifting of your children.

     I would love to hear from you!! What are a few foundation keys you have in place to provide a healthy and loving home environment for your children?

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Becoming Beautiful You,

Sometimes the most intimate and compelling conversations can take place right in the car.

As my  20 year old daughter and I are on our way home, she made this statement, "Mom I have never seen you cry"! I was kind of taken back from her comment, like where is this coming from? I really had to think about that statement and then my mind began to drift back to her stages of childhood. So what was my response to her?

First and foremost mom does and did cry when she needed to. I explained to my daughter that because I am a single mother, I felt I had to be strong for my household. It was important to me that she knew everything was okay even when adversity and struggle showed up on my doorstep.

As my daughter became older, I could not hide the fact there were days when things became really tough. How was this bill going to be paid or what were going to eat for dinner tonight? The last thing I wanted my daughter to conceive in her mind is that mom is falling apart.  After all, we were faithful church goers so faith and prayer were the glue that held our household together. 

After I explained my viewpoint regarding her statement, there was a time when I intentionally did not want her to see me cry. This was during my journey of healing from breast cancer. She was starting her first year of high school and was an honor roll student. So in my daughter's mind, breast cancer equated to death. I had to be secure in my knowledge of breast cancer and let her know just because mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, that does not mean I was dying. Because I made the decision to live and fight for my survival, I did not want her to see my cry because that meant mommy was losing the battle. I believed, when she saw that I was okay, maybe sometimes sad and not feeling well, she was still okay and mom is going to beat breast cancer.

During this time in my life, I cried when I needed to cry in my private moments. It was my tears that became my prayers and my strength at times. This help me to continue to be strong and be there for her when she needed me. The most awesome part of that journey is when I was okay with letting her take care of mom when I needed it. That journey of healing helped mode my daughter into the strong young woman that she is today!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you feel it is okay to cry in front of your children?

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