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Becoming Beautiful You: Un-Mask the Healing

Becoming Beautiful You: Un-Mask the Healing:          Lady always found herself in toxic, unhealthy relationships with men that she believed were attracted to her but all she got ...

Un-Mask the Healing

     Lady always found herself in toxic, unhealthy relationships with men that she believed were attracted to her but all she got in return was let downs and hurt. She had female "friends", but really she knew none of the women she thought were her friends, were there as a friend.

     Lady, could not understand why she always experienced rejection. Whether it was a job opportunity, an achievement she tried to obtain or even a family member to talk with, that rejection seemed to always be around. She did not know how to distance herself from the rejection or how to pick herself back up after those rejected emotions.

     Because of the constant let downs and hurt form relationships and friendships, the rejection she had experienced; Lady developed a fear of speaking up for herself or expressing her opinion around others. She had a fear of even getting close to people because she didn't want to deal with the emotional pain of it all. Un-forgiveness also began to grab her heart from people not being who they say they are.

How can Lady embrace God's healing, how can she begin to transform into that butterfly of change and restoration? Are you that Lady, in some way are you dealing with these same issues?

The Un-masking Process:

1. No longer rehearse or replay that same negative or hurtful conversation. Stop thinking what happened to cause the pain. Instead re-focus your energy into positive energy.  Think of something that makes you happy or think of an encouraging or even a smile that someone shared.

2. Stop going back to things that remind you of the hurt and pain. Let go of negative friends and relationships even family members. It's time to break old habits.

3. Stop holding the hurt inside. It's ok to talk about it, release it. Have the venting session with someone you can confide in. As you vent, you are exchanging all the negative energy and accepting God's healing.  God is ready to heal you, embrace the healing.

Actions Steps:

1. Make the decision to let go of the hurt instead re-focus your conversation and mindset in a positive direction.

2. Confront the fear of having to break negative friendships/relationships. Confront the fear of breaking bad habits that keep you from receiving God's healing.

3. Fight to stay in that place of healing and of freedom. Don't go back to the old conversation, the old friends and the old habits. You are strong, fight for your healing.

Confession of Healing by Joyce Meyer:

     God’s Word is health to all my flesh. His Word is medicine to my flesh. I am the Lord that healeth thee is medicine to all my flesh. I will take sickness away from the midst of thee is medicine to my flesh. The Word of God is full of the life of God. That life is saturating my spirit. God’s life and healing power is in His Word, and His Word is at work in me now. The Word of God is depositing the life of God and the healing of God into my spirit. That life and health is spreading out of my spirit into every tissue and pore of my body, creating health and soundness. My body has no choice but to respond to the healing in the Word that is being absorbed into me now.

Trust God and Walk in your healing in Jesus name, Amen

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Becoming Beautiful You: Becoming Beautiful You Inside - The Face of Fear

Becoming Beautiful You: Becoming Beautiful You Inside - The Face of Fear:       I can remember the day in July 2013, not many days after my 43rd  birthday. I was waiting to receive the results of my mammogram...

Becoming Beautiful You Inside - The Face of Fear

    I can remember the day in July 2013, not many days after my

43rd birthday. I was waiting to receive the results of my mammogram and biopsy. I could feel two lumps in my right breast and I did not immediately seek medical attention. When I received the call from my PCP, I was driving home from work in a tumultuous rain storm in the middle of rush hour traffic. My doctor said, "this would not be a good time to talk and to call me once I made it home." I received the call back instead and the devastating news that I had stage 2 breast cancer. This was the "Face of Fear" that held me captive .

What was the Face of Fear for you? How do you overcome your fear? 

     Beautiful You, it is imperative that we learn how to Face Fear in order to walk
in breakthrough in every area of our lives. My breast cancer testimony is just 
one of many instances where I saw the Face of Fear and learned how to 
overcome it. How do you overcome fear? For me, I knew the only way to overcome fear it to face it head on. When I finally made the decision to seek medical attention for the breast cancer I said, "I am taking the fear with me! Through the oncology visits, the chemotherapy, the surgery and life after breast cancer, I took that fear with me in order to overcome it.

     What I realized is that the more I faced my fears, the more stronger and bolder I became in the Face of Fear. The bible says, "Be Strong and of good Courage, for I am with you." (Joshua 1:9). In my journey of healing from breast cancer, I learned that fear and faith walk hand in hand. It takes faith to be courageous enough to fight, to stand for something you believe in and let fear now you will not stand down.

Action Steps:

1. Think of what you do when fear comes upon you and it seems fear has control over your life. Find scriptures dealing with fear in the bible. Pray and ask God to help you confront your fears. 
     -Romans 8:28
     -Psalms 56:4
     -Psalms 23:4

2.  Challenge yourself to begin taking small steps toward facing your fear When you face it, you overcome it. Make the decision you are pushing pass the face of fear. 

3. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, you are fearless! you are more than a conqueror!

Beautiful You, "Be strong and of a good courage."


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Becoming Beautiful You: Becoming Beautiful You,     Lets start by definin...

Becoming Beautiful You: Becoming Beautiful You,
     Lets start by definin...
: Becoming Beautiful You,      Lets start by defining what does Becoming mean? I'll give you a short definition from Websters dictionar...

Becoming Beautiful You: Beautiful You, To help with releasing the un-f...

Becoming Beautiful You:

Beautiful You, To help with releasing the 
: Beautiful You, To help with releasing the  un-forgiveness, which on some level each of us maybe dealing with, I want you to find a pl...

Beautiful You, To help with releasing the 
un-forgiveness, which on some level each of us maybe dealing with, I want you to find a place/a position with God in your mind/your spirit that will allow you to rest, think of something peaceful and invite God into the midst of your situation right now.

     I  remember having a conversation with a friend about exposing roots. She was going through a very ruff patch in her life and she did not quite know how to move past this ruff patch. We all have been through an experience in our life's journey right? The problem was this was a situation that took place ten years ago and my friend still was holding on to un-forgiveness, the hurt, the open wounds and the tears from that situation. I asked my friend why did this conversation come up today and her response was because, "I can't stop thinking about what happened, I wake up with on my mind and go to bed with this past memory on my mind." Can anyone relate to this situation this pain or to my friend's tears? I let her know that God was exposing the root of bitterness that had sprung up into un-forgiveness. God wanted my friend free, nothing holding her down emotionally, mentally or spiritually, it was time to let GO!

     Exposing the un-forgiveness, so that you can be free emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Many times people, who refuse to forgive others, live as victims - with a spirit of self-pity telling others what someone did to them.  If bitterness is not taken care of/addressed, it will manifest as long-term mismanagement of annoyance, irritation, frustration, anger or rage.  Most mental disorders stem either directly from--or secondarily generate--anger, rage, resentment, hostility or bitterness. Most mental illness will manifest either:  self-defeating - depression, sometimes passive-aggressive, destructive, vengeful or even violent behavior. 

Some of the Roots that may have been planted because of un- forgiveness:

Overly sensitive about an event in your past: If there are events in your past which cause you to become very sensitive or angry, or even cause you to lash out, then it is likely revealing a deep emotional wound tied in with that event or memory.

Distrust in People – Paranoia (which is a spirit of fear)
When you've been hurt or not cared for then usually there is bitterness.  The bitterness will manifest as distrust and suspicion of others.  

Attention Seeking
Some people use past and present un-forgiven events to obtain the attention of other people. Some people may refuse to forgive because they can still use whatever the offense was to obtain the sympathy and attention they crave. So what has to happen is the Attention must be shifted from what happened, in other words the attention needs to be shifted from the church hurt, it needs to be shifted from that failed marriage, it needs to be shifted from the hurts/abuse from your childhood and then be given to God. 

Dwelling on Negative Events
One of the most reliable means of detecting un-forgiveness is when a person dwells on negative events; both past and present. Unforgiving persons will replay the negative events over and over in their minds, and refuse to give that hurt to God so that He can heal. 

Inability to Recognize God's Presence
Satan can use un-forgiveness to form a barrier between the person and the Lord. God cannot forgive those who refuse to forgive someone else. Un-forgiveness separates us from God and the book of Romans clearly states nothing shall separate us from the love of God. 

     Beautiful You, we have to be willing to forgive, I want you to make a decision that I am going to forgive today! Because you know what, you have come to far to allow un-forgiveness and your past keep you chained emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You been through too much and now you are ready to be free! Have a desire to submit your life to God's Will and learn to love God more instead of wanting justice your way, learn to trust God's power and perfect planning to deal with the matter His Way. The bible says in Proverbs, "He who trust in the Lord will prosper." Doing it God’s way and trusting Him will allow us to get into the sweet presence of God with the liberty of God, the peace of God.

Let me give you some key steps that will help you let go of your past and walk in forgiveness towards others as well as forgiving yourself.

1.  Write down what and who has hurt you; how you may have hurt them, etc. Was it verbal or physical abuse? Dishonesty? Neglecting someone you cared about? Betrayal? Rejection? Theft? Rape? Lying? Addiction? Adultery?

2.  Write down how you feel about yourself because of these unresolved feelings over your past mistakes.  Be very honest with yourself.  Although you may have made amends or been forgiven by others, do you still feel unworthy?  God knows how you feel and He sees your heart.  Express on paper how you feel and let the emotions flow – release them! 

3.  Decide to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision of the will and one of the greatest Gifts from God.  He has told us to forgive and that He will give us the power to do so – but it all begins with the decision to do so.

4.  Destroy the list in private. This visual exercise can be very freeing. Whether you decide to shred it, burn it or tear it up and scatter it in the trash, imagine your past mistakes being destroyed and floating away in the same manner.

Prayer for Forgiveness!
Take your list to God and acknowledge your forgiveness to Him.  “Lord, I come to You today and give up my unforgiveness.  I forgive myself for ____________________.  At this moment, I choose not to hold these offenses against myself, but put them into Your Hands.  God, heal my emotional wounds and help me to be able to move forward without regrets and help me to let go of the past and start fresh. God give me the ability to uplift and comfort someone else with the same comfort you have given me.   I release my past sins of ____________into Your Hands.” 

Beautiful You, until next time you be healed and forgive in Jesus name.

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